Thursday, November 01, 2012

Καλό μήνα! November!

Happy November everybody, mine and Mrs. Prop's birthmonth.

I am very far behind on this:

I had intended to report on the status of my goals each quarter, and here we are, one third into the fourth quarter and I have only reported once.  I will sum up what I've done in the second and thrid quarters and let you know where I think I will end the year.

Commissioner Arrowhead - Good - Well, I met all the requiremens, but I haven't gotten it signed off because I was asked last month to be the next District Commissioner.  I've started working in that capacity already so I guess I really should get that paperwork filled out and signed.

Greek - Good / Bad - I was supposed to schedule time for Greek every day for my Mental Goal. I'm not really sure how to score this one.  I finished the class as the lead in a play entirely done in Greek.  We got to read our lines, but still it took a tremendous amount of work.  After that I decided that I did not have the time to go to a class once a week so I did not sign up for this year's class.  That meant that I had to find that missing Rosetta Stone CD, which I did not do.  I think I must have loaned it or something.  I did figure out that my original set of Rosetta Stone CDs were split into level I and level II.  I started in on the Level II disk and I think I'm far enough along that it is not too hard for me.  I was doing that every day for a while, but this District Commissioner thing has gotten me very busy.  I will have to work on getting back on track with this.
Dates - Not good, not good at all - I was supposed to schedule times with Mrs. Prop for my Social Goal. The closest thing we had was driving my oldest daughter to school in Boston, but we ended up being rushed and it had no romance in it at all.
For Physical Goals I had Get A Mentor for my Find a New Job Goal and Find Out P90X Requirements for my Health Goal.

Job Goal - Poor - I have a mentor and we've worked on my resume. I've met a lot of people in informational interviews and learned a lot about the business.  I've even figured out my work goals.  I've applied for a couple of jobs too, but I've had no interviews.  I don't really seem to be much closer to moving jobs or moving toward my work goals.  There is a system here at work that will alert you of when positions open and I've set it to alert me.
Health Goal - mostly good - I've been riding to work, not as much as last year, but Mrs. Prop has been gone more this year.  I've also just started P90X because of a generous gift, but I've been going less than a week on that, so I have to keep it up.  I have another health screening next month.

What's next?

My Next - Next Steps:

Commissioner Arrowhead - Get the darn thing officially.
Greek - Get back on that CD daily
Dates - We will have a date night, even if I have to make it a surprise

Job Goal - Submit to the jobs I've been alerted to this week.

Health Goal - I'm going to mix riding and P90X until the snow and then it's all P90X.

When I get these done I will report them and I set my next steps.

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