Thursday, November 08, 2012

Howlina - Day 8 - Econ and Politics

"...make a few notes on the map to mark places that have more of a type of resource, and jot down anywhere that has a definite deficit of something needed. Also check your timeline; some of your pressure-point conflicts in the last 100 years may have resulted from an unexpected increase or decrease in the resources of one area or another.

When you're done with the resources, take another ten minutes and identify which major groups in your civilizations care about which resources."

The island of Howland Howlina has no fossil fuels and they are very low in most minerals, except the southern island which has a huge deposit of nickel and iron because of a meteorite.

The main resources are fish, lumber, tree fruit, agriculture and high tech items.  In recent history they have provided mid ocean communications, satellite and spacecraft observation and data haven.  There is a very good deep harbor.
The people took to aviation early.  There are several airports on the island.

The lack of fossil fuels has been a severe detriment since the beginning of the industrial revolution, but the people were aware of this from the beginning as well and have worked to make that as little impact as possible.  They are further advanced in alternate fuels than any other country in the world.  They have wind power, hydro power, tide power, geothermal, bio-fuel and nuclear.  Over 90% of their power generation is alternate fuel.

During several occasions they have tried trade arrangements to get a better line on fossil fuels and it has always turned out badly for the islanders.

Trade arrangements have always been very important for raw mineral materials.  There has always been a high percentage of artisans and craftsmen in the population.  They import raw materials and export finished and technological goods.  This has been a difficult and precarious balance at times.

There are three main political parties (and these are their representative colors):

One World Party:  Their platform is one of outreach,  They are the party that always tries to negotiate for fuel.  They also believe the future is in a wold economy and Howland Howlina needs to be a part of that.

Earth Party:  Their platform is green, ecofriendly and high technology.  They support the idea that we can use technology to be better stewards of the Earth.  They aren't isolationists, they just support the idea that Howland Howlina can embrace the outside world or not, but it all depends on those other nations agreeing to support the biosphere.  They support space exploration.

New Democrocy Party:  Their platform supports transhumanism.  They support the idea that uplifting people out of the human level will bring a new prosperity and happiness.  They actively support medical and technological advances.  They push for the Singularity.  They also support a more democratic form of government with the idea that if we reach our full potential there is no reason for rulers because we will all be able to make decisions and work together at an unprecedented level.  They do support the idea that this will evolve naturally and will not have to be forced.  In this they are very different from historically communist countries who tried to force this sort of development through total government control and forced redistribution of wealth and power.


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