Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Howlina - Day 20 - Plot Hook Day

"So, what question are you asking in your novel?"

This seems too simple, do the boy and girl get together in the end.

Hmm, that doesn't seem to satisfy and it doesn't involve all the elements I've been wanting to put in.

I think there needs to be another plot, maybe a macro plot that sits around this simple plot and puts pressure on it.

That is the conundrum I've been having, what is that surrounding, external plot?

Is it oil companies and other conventional power sources that want to scuttle all Howlina's plans to skirt their control?

Is it a local anti-Transhumanist group enlisting an external hate group to help them put pressure on Transhumanist efforts and even Transhumans themselves?

Is "Pete" trying to get a rare copy of the Veebeelo and some other group is struggling against him, either as competition or to stop him altogether?

Is it a combination?

That's all I have thought of so far.  I have the feeling I'm thinking inside the box and there are other plots out there that are fresh and new, right off the tree and not in concentrate from the box.

I do like the terrorist idea though.  Maybe the Howlers invite neo-Nazis to help and the Nazis immediately ratchet it up several notches of violence beyond what the Howlers were expecting.  Everybody hates Nazis right? 

I guess this is sort of a thinking out loud day.

I want a rescue.  I'm not sure how the book acquisition would lead to that.  I can see the other two lending themselves quite easily to it though.

This will probably be the closest to 15 minutes I spend on any of these posts.  I'm still chewing on the ideas.  If I nail it down then I'll add it to the blog.

Any ideas from the audience?  They would be most welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Radicals need to get more say-so and power. Maybe you can have them create/develop/coherse(sp?) help??? I think the Howlers need to stay within their own; not sure I like outsiders coming in and tainting them. A. Char xoxoxoxoxox ;-p