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Howlina - Day 18 - Speculation and Society

"Revise your cultural write-up from Day 10 to include your speculative element, and to answer the above question. As a bonus, you can get back to your character sketch and figure out where your protagonist and supporting cast fit into your speculative elements and society. "

What question you ask?  I asked that too.  I'm not really sure because there is no specific question directly above that instruction.  I'll list some of the questions it could be from the article (bullet numbers are mine):
  1. "Now ask yourself how the addition of your speculative element, with all of its powers and limitations, affects your culture and society. How are people different in your culture, now that you have this new element?"
  2. "How is society the same? ... What do you think those behaviors are? What do you think people will continue to do, with or without your speculative element?"
  3. "Finally, how do "ordinary" people react to those with or without the speculative element?"
You see, there is no ONE question to answer, but a series of questions.

I'm a bit pressed for time so I'm just going to straight up answer the questions (if I can).
  1. There are three parts to this answer:
    1. The addition of Transhumans has polarized the Howler society.  The people who do not approve of Trnashumanism are a very small group, but as they became a reality the group grew and solidified.  They are not at all a violent people and this is a very recent development so the hatred has not boiled as long as some other racial or cultural hatreds.  They have not reached the level of terrorist acts, but the prejudice and political actions are slowly growing in number. 
    2. Because the actual Transhumans are seen as the solution (or a substantially moved toward the solution) to many problems they are seen as good by the general society.  They are in large part meeting that expectation.  The real tension is in the Transhuman society where those people are struggling with who they are and how they fit into society.
    3. The outside world has not become very aware of the developments in Transhumanism, but as they do there are people out in the world who are far more practiced at hatred and terrorist acts should be ecpected.  On the legal side there may be groups that put political pressure on making the international realtions with Howlina less favorable.  It is unlikely that the Transhuman supporters outside Howlina have enough political clout to affect the way Howlina is treated.  Howlina may expect an influx of those people as immigrants though.
  2. It is probably easier to say how each of the Transhuman races try or expect to be "normal."
    1. Supers are trying the hardest to stay normal.  They try hard to not stick out and to follow the Veebeelo.
    2. The Cybers are probably the next group to stay within normal society.  Most of their enhancements are not obvious, so this is possible and even easier than for Supers.  The Cybers do feel like they are not yet where they need to be to meet the Solution though.  They are desperate to move from the Bionic Level to the Biological Level and then the Beyond Level.  They are normal almost inadvertently.
    3. The Mers want desperately to be able to relate to normal society.  They are very friendly with anyone they come in contact with and maintain ties to normals as close as they can, but the physical limitations of this are a strong barrier.  They do agree with the concepts of the Veebeelo, but know they must be adapted to semiaquatic life.
    4. The Fae are of the opinion that they are separate but equal.  They resist being mixed into general society.  They feel that that would be a waste of their special abilities, talents and characteristics.  They have physically separated themselves but stay close and follow the Veebeelo very closely.  Side by side into the bright future is their motto.
    5. The Cats are actively against being mixed into general society or following the Veebeelo as it stands.  As products of Howlina society they see things from that perspective and are not too likely to base their own societal rule off any other culture, but they do feel that they must create a culture all their own, unique from everyone else in the world (this is really not that dissimilar to the followers of the Veebeelo when they are in Poland).  They are somewhat violent by nature and are the most likely to clash with the anti-Transhumanist.
  3. See 1.

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