Monday, November 12, 2012

Howlina - Day 11 - Focus In

"We have a bare-bones timeline, the bare-bones elements of a language, the bare-bones of an economic and political scene. Today, select one of these areas to flesh out....

...Write a complete timeline for your setting (last 500 years or so should do,...) and for your protagonist's life up until the novel opens. Make notes on how these forces will later impact the story...

...Write a 1-paragraph description of each major political body (churches, governments, kingdoms, factions, economic forces, guilds, etc.) and name them...

...Write a short glossary or lexicon for some common or important words ...Write down five place names and five character names..."

I think that I have actually done all this.  I did a timeline since 250AD, so that's covered (Day 7).  I wrote a one paragraph description for each political party (Day 8).  I wrote the names of the five cities and several words (Day 9).

The one thing I haven't done yet is a history of the protagonist's life.

First I have to come up with a protagonist or two.

I think that although it will be SciFi it will be a mystery, so I don't want to give too much away with the characters.  I have two main ones in mind, but what part they will play in the mystery I'm not quite sure yet (and I wouldn't reveal to you anyway).

This story takes place about 30 years in the future in July. 

The first character is a woman. 

She was born on 21 Dec 2012 and she is 30 at the time of the story.  She was born in Kaurorapolee and lives in Cheekagopolee (I took off the accents to ease the spelling, and I think that for place names the Howlers would do the same when using English).  She grew up in an accademic household and went to school at the University High School.  She has had several suiters and was quite social in school, although she was always very highly ranked in her classes.  She is a devout Kreetana follower.  She went to college in Rokafopolee because she wanted some space from her family.  She got a BS in Computer Technology with a job offer right out of school working for a large, Howlina based electronic company.  Her first position was in Protopolee, but after seven years and a failed relationship she moved to Cheekagopolee to get a fresh start.  She is fairly new to the city and the position.  She is a sales person and her new position has accounts overseas although she has never been out of the country.

The second is a man.

He is slightly younger than she.  He is half Argentinian and half Swedish from Minniapolis, MN.  He grew up in a trilingual home, went to the University of Minnisota and graduated with a Doctorate in Library Science.  He specializes in acuisitions.  Right out of school he got a job at University of Buenos Aires, fell in love and married.  Two years ago the marriage fell apart so badly that it also got him released from his position.  He returned to the US for a year, then traveled around the world for a year obtaining rare books for his employer in Stockholm.  At the start of the story he has just arrived in Cheekagopolee and is looking for a particular copy of The Veebeelo.

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Anonymous said...

I like the descriptions of your characters and the fact your story is a mystery scifi. It's definitely gotten my interest. Auntie Char xoxoxoxoo ;-p