Saturday, November 10, 2012

Howlina - Day 10 - Mood & Culture

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Some of these days are kind of recaps, ways to keep you on track and keep things going in the right direction.  If other authors are like me they WILL tend to drift.

For instance, while I was reading the article on this I suddenly got the great idea to write a SciFi/comedy.  I had to reign myself in, take some notes on that concept and remind myself what I wanted out of this project.

"...Settle on the overall mood for your story ..."

There is a whole article written around this exercise direction, but it all helps you do this and boils down to this.

Prince Eric
So, the mood of this world/story is not SciFi/Comedy, it is escapist and meant to be fun, it isn't fully serious.  It's not meant to be a full on social commentary, it's not mean to be dark and brooding.  It is meant to be heroic, passionate, mysterious and revealing.

At the time I was working on the initial phases/days of this I was anxiously anticipating the return of Mrs. Prop from a week long business trip and that permeated my thinking and mood.  Consequently the mood of this story/world bent to that, so this IS really a good day to reevaluate that.

Do I want to keep this mood?  I have to chuck most of the work I've already done to re-direct the mood of this.  I do want to keep the mood that struck me in those days of anticipated reunion, but I want to make it a bit more serious.  I can keep it fun an escapist, but a bit more passionate and maybe just a tiny bit impactful.

I've actually been working ahead when I can and when I got to day 11 and the Speculative Element I realized that this whole exercise was originally written for people writing SciFi, Fantasy and Horror.  I wasn't really intending to write that at all, originally.  After mulling it over I realized I could keep my mood and yet still be SciFi.

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In fact I realized that this story must be SciFi.  You will see why when I get to tomorrow, but sufice it to say for today that there will be a bit of the Blade Runner love story in it.

You can probably guess from the pics on this post that my POV character and/or protagonist is going to be the boy.  Don't worry though, there's hero-work enough for the girl as well.

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