Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Time the Bears and Packers Met in the Post Season

Can I make it one of my New Year's resolutions to watch in the Bears in the Super Bowl in 2011?

Of course if you want to dispute any of these you are welcome to, but I thought I would put some perspective to this year's NFC Championship game.

There are some very obvious things like, there were no cell phones in 1941, but I wanted to reach really far back, back to things that we think have been around a long time and see what was different when the Bears BEAT the Packers in the playoffs:


• There was no TV
• Computer was a job title, not a machine
• Jet airplanes hadn't been invented (of course no NY Jets either)
• Missiles hadn't been invented
• There were no atomic bombs or any nuclear reactors
• Phones had dials not buttons
• There were no microwaves or Tupperware
• You couldn't play ultimate Frisbee because they hadn't been invented
• Scrabble hadn't been invented
• Credit cards - there were no credit cards

• WWII was only seven days old (for the US)
• UN didn't exist
• The NFL had been created only 20 years earlier (we went to the moon 41 years ago)
• There were no interstate highways
• There was no rock and roll, none
• There were no McDonald's

• There was no Hawaii or Alaska (they weren't states yet)
• There was no Israel
• There was no Viet Nam, South Korea, India, Philippines or Australia (as separate independant countries)
• Pluto was a planet

• The T formation was only one year old in the NFL
• The NFL itself was younger than the Superbowl is today
• Facemasks and Astroturf hadn't been invented
• There was no Lambeau field
• There were only 10 teams in the NFL
• No PARENT of the current Bears or Packers players had been born yet


2011 Goals

Bet you thought I forgot or reneged on posting my goals, but I was chewing on them a bit.  They must be very gristly because I can't seem to masticate them into anything better.  So, I'm adding two extra ones:

  1. I will blog more posts this year than any previous year
  2. I will review and update my 2011 goals at least quarterly
So, without further ado, I present my

2011 GOALS:


  1. Waist - 36
  2. Weight - <220
  3. Finish P90
  4. Bike commute as often as possible (100 times)
  5. Walks (10k steps a day)

  1. Pay more attention to family finances
  2. Quarterly Dates
  3. Game Night
  4. New Pet
  5. Walks
Music (these are sort of in order):
  1. Learn to play ukulele (the definitions are still subjective, focus in Jan)
  2. Play with my family (both in my house and a holiday gatherings)
  3. Learn to play harmonica (again learning and playing are subjective terms)
  4. Learn to play bass
  5. Join a band


  1.  Commissioner Key
  2. Archaeology Merit Badge Clinic

  1. Do NaNoEdMo in March
  2. Submit my NaNoWriMo 2010 novel to a publisher
  3. (The two new blogging ones will go here)


  1. Don't get laid off
  2. Get a Promotion