Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reach Out Reference 2

On L5 Naming Conventions

L5 has a tradition of acknowledging and honoring the two separate yet equally valued progenitors of each member of the human race.

Because of this tradition each person has a familiar name, two family names and a formal acronym made up of the familiar name, the family names and any marital names.

Take, for instance, the famous model ROD. ROD was her formal acronym made up of her familiar name Roesa, her first family name (commonly called the paternal name) of O’Candy, and her second family name (commonly called the maternal name) of Daniel. When she married JOB (Jeri O’Chciuk-Bernardy) she became ROD.B (Roesa O’Candy-Daniel.Bernardy) and he became JOB.D (Jeri Chciuk-Bernardy.Daniel), which is pronounced Job Dee.

It is common custom to add O’, el or il to the first family name in order to create a pronounceable formal acronym. There is no restriction on which prefix to use. It is merely up to the taste of the individuals.
Family names are taken strictly from the biological or genetic parents. In L5 the restriction is so absolute that the term parent refers to nothing other than biological parents and the biological specification is unnecessary.

It is customary to use the formal acronym in formal settings or occasions demand a show of respect. It is very common to also add the person’s title and or the suffix –san. The most formal and respectful address is to use all of a person’s titles and the suffix –san.

-Excerpted from SEN’s Travel Guide for L5

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