Friday, January 06, 2006

Hi, Hello, Welcome

Well, hello there! Welcome to my new site! I just move here from Major Thomas and the KBR Design Faeries.

The name is cooler. The name is easier. The address is easier.

Short story about the names:

Major Thomas and the KBR Design Faeries: These guys in the photo are from KBR in FOB Salerno in Afghanistan. The second from the left is the Site Supervisor and the other three were refered to as "KBR Design Faeries" in an email about themselves and MAJ Thomas, our then Facility Engineer Team (that's right I said that MAJ Thomas himself was our "team").

Illini 6: The "Hollywood Call Sign" system used by military people when using comercial radios is a group name and a number. 6 is always the commander. I was the commander of FOB Salerno Base Operations so I was 6 and I named Base Operations Illini after my Alma Mater.

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Major John said...

does this mean I need to change my blogroll at Miserable Donuts? When will the move over be done?

Maybe I will dust off a story and submit it here...heh.

Inner Prop said...

Bring on the story! I'm going to shut down MAJ T completely on Monday 9 Jan 06.