Sunday, November 29, 2015

13 Worldbuilding Questions

I'm working on stories again.  This is not just an idle threat, in fact I have written all 13 posts in this series before I posted this one, so you can tell I'm writing ahead and I'm serious.

I recently found Veronica Sicoe's article called "13 Worldbuilding Questions."  This is quite a bit shorter than the 30 Days of Worldbuilding I've done before (for Howlina), but I hope it's just as interesting.

The questions are grouped, and they are:

  1.  Where are we?
  2.  What's the natural environment like?
  3.  What happened here before?
  4.  How does its history influence the present?
  5.  What's the linguistic situation on this world?
  6.  What's the primary means of communication?
  7.  What's the predominant culture?
  8.  What's the current form of societal normalcy
  9.  What are some core moral values of this society?
  10.  How do their values affect their mentality on a personal level?
  11.  What is this society's most ardent need?
  12.  How does it go about satisfying this need?
  13.  What would it take to disrupt normalcy on this world?

Confused?  Intrigued?

Me too.  Stay tuned for my first set of answers.