Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Guya Principal Chapter Beta

– Saturday Morning 26 October
"I Had It Made Like a Mountain Range"
-Slartibartfast (or Peter Gaberiel, I Can't Remember Which)

"Don't talk to me woman." Daryl "Splendid Animal" Trofimuk shuffled through the kitchen on Saturday morning. He was already dressed, but he still wore his slippers. His gold-rimmed glasses were very fashionable. He wore a dark green dress shirt under a multi-colored, Bill Cosby cardigan. He wore Dockers with cuffs to match.

"But Daryl…” his young wife Lynn began, pointing to the table full of breakfast.

"Ap!" He said showing her his wide palm, soft, dark fingers splayed. He shuffled past and into the large "music" room.

Lynn Trofimuk was a beautiful blonde woman, forty years his junior. She wore a pink teddy under a sheer pink robe. As soon as Daryl walked out of the kitchen his mistress, Shara walked in. She was twenty years Lynn's junior, six inches shorter and just as beautiful, but her chocolate skin was completely covered by a long terrycloth robe.

Organ music started coming from the other room as "Splendid" began a Bach sonata.

"You know I'm supposed to get him in the morning." Lynn protested to the younger woman.

"Listen honey, you're lucky he makes time with you at all."

"Listen 'honey,' you're lucky I don't kick your sorry ass right out of this house." Lynn stood.

"He'd never let you." Shara swiveled her neck.

"Oh, he'd have no choice, seeing as he'd have nothing to do with you if I took away all his Viagra." She was stood over Shara with a full pot of coffee.

Both women started laughing.

"Coffee?" Lynn asked.

"Yes please, with cream, sugar,” Shara ran a finger down the opening of Lynn's robe, "and you."

"I knew there was a reason I kept you around." Lynn put the coffee pot down and her lips descended on Shara's full lips.

Splendid stood up from his organ and heard the soft moans of his women in the other room. He shook his head and smiled. "So good those two are getting on so well."

He shuffled over to the stereo and selected a play along cd. He had actually made it a few years ago. It included him playing bass, piano and drums.
A dish crashed in the other room as the women began using the table like a bed.

"Hey! Don't be breaking my dishes in there. Go in the bedroom if you're getting too energetic." He yelled to them.

"Yes Splendid." The women chorused.

He shook his head. At least they weren't on the floor. That was dirty.

The opened the door and poked their heads through.

"You want to join us?"

He looked down at his instruments. "You know, as a child my daddy never allowed me to play music. He always said, 'now son that ain't work, learnin's real work.' He made me study and read all day. When I got older he made me go to college. He said I had to be a doctor. He said there wasn't anybody else in the county smart enough to be a doctor and that folks needed a doctor and it kept me out of Korea too. So I went. I was a damn good doctor too, but all the while I never got to play music. Now, five years ago I retired, learned every instrument I wanted and built this beautiful studio full of instruments. I can finally play music all day if I want."

Lynn and Shara both leaned through the door opening a little more, pulled their robes open and flashed augmented mammaries at him. "You could play us."

"Right, get me another one of those pills and give me twenty minutes."

"Why does he always tell us that when we cut into 'music time'?" Shara asked.

"Just get him the pill. I have to go up stairs and warm myself up,” Lynn looked down at her cleavage. "Maybe you better make that a double."

Shara gave Splendid his pill with a tall glass of mimosa.

"Thank you baby," he said. He picked up his guitar and strummed it. "Got my mojo working."

"It's sure working on me," she smiled and pranced out of the room. "Don't be long or we may just finish without you.

He nodded and kept playing. Slowly he could feel the drugs acting on his body, making it do what his mind wanted, but it wouldn't have been able to before. Some day he wouldn't even be able to rely on the drug as a crutch. Then the music would have him all to itself. He strummed one last time. Not today though. He got up and walked lively to the stairs.

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