Thursday, November 29, 2012

Howlina - Day 29: Character

"Finalize your character notes today. Address any character background details you might have overlooked.
  Look in your social and cultural world for not just the places where your character doesn't fit in, but also the places where he or she does, and note them in your character notes. Make sure that, by the end of today, you can name your character's parents and siblings, the town where they grew up, their age and any training they've had, and the most influential three people in their lives.   Oh, and for those of you who already have characters fully fleshed out: Spend your fifteen minutes writing a scene in which your character is given a gift they have to refuse. You decide on the gift, the giver, and why they have to refuse it."  

My characters are not fleshed out at all.  Actually they are spirits in my mind, I know their emotions and mood, but not really their bodies, talents, skills.  I haven't even nailed down their names.

Before I can give Kata a real name I have to decide the naming conventions of Howlina.

When a couple get married they decide on a family name and they both change their family name from their previous to their new one.  Usually they pick a virtue.  They then take their birth family name and make that their third name.  At that point they have their familiar name (i.e. first, Christian or given name) their second name (something of a middle name, but it is the family name of one of the grandparents), their third name (their parents' family name) and their new family name.

If your status changes then your family name changes because your status is based on your family status.

Family names are applied for when a couple gets married.  They have to be somewhat unique, with no one else in their Kolada (Conference) unless there is no one alive with that name.

Kata's name is Fiole Thora Nomosunee Pithoforo.  Her parents' family name means, "Hopeful."  Her third name is her mother's parents' family name, it means intelligence.

Fiole's mother is named, Moria Kuria Pithoforo Likime.  Because she is widowed and now living within Fiole's eldest brother's family she changed her family name.  He kept her married family name and use it to replace her maternal grandparents' family name.

Fiole's father was named Gousto Galo Tuxiseno Pithoforo.  His third name is his paternal grandparents' family name.

Fiole has two older brothers who are not Supers.  They are Proto Miko Pudepo Likime, and Detero Greega Pudepo Surofo.  Her younger brother who is a Super is named, Teleto Kalutero Pudepo Pithoforo.  He is not yet married.

"Pete" is not Pete's name either.  It is Francis "Frank" William Hidalgo.  His father is Fredrico Alexander Hidalgo.  His mother is Ingrid nee Lindh.

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