Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Howlina - Day 6 - The Races

This is easy.  Although I don't agree with the concept of "race" (there is no scientific basis for this level of distinction) it will be easy to do this day's exercise because Howland Howlina was uninhabited when it was settled by Europeans.

The Europeans that settled the island are from one ethnic group that I am inventing, and some smatterings of other ethnic groups, but I'm not creating them so I don't have to work on them here.

"Spend 10 minutes figuring out what people who evolved in each major area of your world would look like. Then spend another 5 minutes asking "what if this group encountered that group?" Would they fight? Trade? Both? Inter-marry and blend their genetic types? Would they remain largely separate, with pure strains of both racial groups co-existing (not necessarily peacefully)? How would that encounter be brought about in the first place?"

What do the Howlanders Howlers look like?

Men:  Tend to be medium height with wide shoulders and thick chests.  Their torsos are on the shorter side and they have very long, thin arms and legs, down to their fingers and toes.  They have heavy beards the same color as their head.  Men are hairy all over, arms, legs, hands, and back.

Women: Tend to be curvy with the golden proportions very common.  When women are heavier they tend to get bustier first.  They too have long, thin limbs and extremities.  Their hair is surprisingly thin compared to the men.  There is really no sign of body hair anywhere but their heads and there it is very light and thin.  Women are actually more likely to go bald then men.

Hair:  straw blond and very curly, almost afro
Eyes: gray green or hazel
Hands: thin with very long thin fingers
Feet: on the small side, but toes too are long and thin
Skin: bronze.  They always look well tanned, even when they haven't been in the sun
Nose: fairly wide and square
Lips: on the the thin side but dark red so that they stand out against their skin
Ears: small and very round

I've answered the second half.  When the Poles were forced to deal with them, they kicked them out.

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