Friday, November 16, 2012

Howlina - Day 16 - Limits of the Speculative Element

"What are the limits of your speculative element? What's the trade-off for using it? "

Transhumanism through embryonic manipulation is the speculative element.  It has so far resulted in what amounts to 5 additional races (Supers, Cybers, and 3 Radicals (Mers, Fae and Cats)).

What are the costs of this?

  1. Cost - the programs to develop these Transhumans is very expensive and difficult.  It takes a tremendous investment in time, money and intelect.
    1. The additional expense of alternate schooling for Radicals brings added cost to the whole venture and making this an even bigger hurdle to get over.
  2. Overcoming Social Reluctance - manipulating embryos has a certain stigma.  It seems like innocents are being taken advantage of.  The Howlers in general are of the opinion that the risks and the qualms they have about it are worth it for the benefits, but there are small groups that absolutely refuse to accept it.  I'm not sure yet if it reaches the level of Pro-Lifers bombing abortion clinics.
  3. Racial Tension - The first generation of Transhumans are mature adults now.  They are different and so they and the normals have to figure out how the Transhumans fit into society. 
    1. The different Transhuman races are struggling to figure out how they relate to each other.  So far they are competitive and don't feel a kinship with each other at all.  There might even be more anamosity between the Transhuman races than between the normals and Transhumans.
    2. Some of the new races feel they should throw out the old Veebeelo and write a new one more appropriate for themselves (the Radicals are leading this followed by the Cybers and the Supers are the most tenative about this)
  4. Longevity - The Supers should expect to live 200+ years.  The other Transhuman races, while not specifically designed for long life are very well engineered and may be able to expect an extended lifespan as well. 
    1. How do they cope with this on an emotional and mental level?  This is a heavy topic of discussion among them and they do not appreciate anyone else getting involved in the talks.
    2. What are the costs?  Health costs should ultimately go down because of their extreme health, but will they put doctors out of business?
    3. They will have their children further apart
  5. Growth of Transhuman society - now that the first generation of Transhumans have reached adulthood they are reproducing.  Some people feel that they should shut down the facilities that developed them.  They feel that the facilities have reached their goal.
    1. The Radical races feel that they are not technically Transhuman, but Posthuman.  The Cybers certainly feel that they are transitional and fully match the description Transhuman.  The Supers are in between.
    2. The Cybers are struggling to move to the next level (Biological Level) and beyond the Bionic Level.  They are finding great difficulty and sucking more resources into their work including resources that had been used for other Transhuman efforts.
  6. Living up to the promise - the whole point of transhumanism for the Howlers is to create a better society and self sustainability.  They expect a lot from their Transhumans and the Transhumans for the most part expect a lot from themselves.
  7. Threat of take over - there are some groups of normals and some Transhuman groups that are working to have the Transhumans take over, either by having everyone become Transhuman, or by the Transhumans litterally taking over command.  The groups are small and mostly secret.  There is one group of normals that is outspoken about it, but for the time being they are basically walled in.

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I see several avenues of conflict and plot lines developing. Anxious to continue reading on..... A. Char xoxoxoxo ;-p