Saturday, November 03, 2012

Howlina Day 3 - Mood and Setting

"Close your eyes and think about what kind of feeling you like to have when you write or read. Write down four words that fit into that feeling: two adjectives, a verb, and a noun. Now return to the page with your list of climates and emotions."

I think I've already done this, but here goes:

Adjective 1:  Passionate (not in the amorous way)
Adjective 2:  Heroic
Verb:            Surprise
Noun:           Character

Thank you Calvin, so true.

Now, I had an idea in mind for a people and a land.  I had envisioned a people forced out of their land for religious/cultural reasons who find a place to live their lives their way.  They are meticulous and all the other moods I listed on Day 1.

What strikes me is that they probably came from an alpine climate and ended up in a tropical rain forest with mountain rivers and maybe a desert plain.

These all do match up.

EDIT:  BTW, I've decided to change the working title of the country to Howland because I think they came from part of Poland "originally."

It has been brought to my attention that Howland is a real place, so the name is going back to Howlina.

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