Monday, November 05, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ain't this the truth?
Today is my birthday.  I kind of liked 45 because it was Doug Fencik's number and it's a multiple of 5, I kind of like the number.

But now 45 is SO yesterday.

Now I'm 46, who else is 46 (or at least born in 1966)?

Star Trek
The Atlanta Falcons, the Miami Dolphins
SR71 Blackbird
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Australian Dollar
Torn Curtain
Uniform Time Act (in US) (daylight savings time)
Fantastic Voyage
First course in the United States to carry the title "Historical Archaeology",
Busch Memorial Stadium
It's a Small World
Miranda v. Arizona
Dark Shadows
National Organization for Women
Freedom of Information Act
The Doors
Toyota Corolla
first ever regeneration in Doctor Who:
The Jungle Book
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Surrealist Movement in the United States
Jerusalem Bible
HIV to the Americas

Now for people:
January 13Patrick Dempsey,
February 6Rick Astley,
February 20Cindy Crawford,
February 22 - Rachel Dratch
February 24Billy Zane,
February 25 - Téa Leoni,
March 3 - Tone Lōc
March 5Michael Irvin,
March 10 - Edie Brickell
March 16Rodney Peete
April 8 - Robin Wright Penn,
May 16 - Janet Jackson, Thurman Thomas,
June 8 - Julianna Margulies,
June 27J. J. Abrams
June 28 - Mary Stuart Masterson, John Cusack,
June 30 - Mike Tyson,
July 8 - Mike Nawrocki,
July 31Dean Cain,
August 14 - Halle Berry,
September 1Tim Hardaway
September 2Salma Hayek,
Septmber 9 - Adam Sandler,
October 19Jon Favreau,
November 2 - David Schwimmer,
November 8Gordon Ramsay,
November 17 - Daisy Fuentes,
November 21Troy Aikman,
December 8Sinéad O'Connor,

Who do you think looks FABULOUS at 46?  Besides me of course.

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Anonymous said...

Cool Info, Bill. Loved it. No one looks as good as you. Happy day after your birthday. xoxoxoxo Auntie Char ;-p