Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Howlina - Day 27: Plot Hooks

"If you don't have an outline, look at your plot hooks and see if you can group them together.  If you can, cluster them together and talk about the most interesting cluster"

I think I'll just give you a basic summary of the plot as I see it so far.

You already know that the underlying story is boy meets girl and they fall in love.

 I have decided that the outside pressure is that the Anti-Transhumanists in Howlina, being very new and inexperienced in the ways of hate have hired outside agitators and organizers.

Not exactly like this

These outsiders are essentially terrorists (not sure yet if they are KKK, al-Qaeda, IRA or something else).  Things get quickly out of the Howler protesters hands and the violence escalates until there is practically a full blown war with the Transhumans fighting for their lives and the normal Howlers forced to decide on whose side they are.

Why I like outsiders coming in is because the Howlers have always struggled against outside influence, but they have always been insulated and protected.  Now it's coming to them.  They haven't had to deal with this sort of thing much before at all, but now they will, now that they have a solution.

I think there will be a question of Pete's loyalties because he too is an outsider and they all "look alike."  He is a loner (in that he is in Howlina on either no agenda or a benign one, mostly driven by his own desires and not on behest of anyone else) and any connection to the groups that the outsiders are from is only tangential at most.

I also think that this will make strange bedfellows.  The Cats may side with the terrorists in a grab for power.  And / or the Cats may be the hope (misguided or not, we shall see) for a fighting force against the terrorists.  Can you imagine a tiger-ninja going after would-be terrorists?

The Transhumans themselves are a threat to the normals, but they have also worked out cold fusion, which is also a threat.  Cold fusion would upset the balance of power in the world which is now balanced on oil.  I think the terrorists would have some tie in with that too.  They use it for legitimacy

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