Friday, August 04, 2006

Day XII - Chicago Blues

This is gunna be short today. I'm not gunna get all the things done today that I said I'd do this week:(

I have promised myself that WHEN I pass the APFT I will buy myself a brand-new, shiny harmonica (more importantly Mrs. Prop approved it).

I had one that I bought with one of those Klutz books just before I got married. The whole kit cost about $10 and sounded like it too.

I can't find that one.

So I bought my daughter a kit with about five instruments in it, one of which is an harmonica (an, a?) that sounds like a tin llama drowning in a hot pool of sugar free, microwavable, artificial maple syrup. That's not quite the sound I was going for.

I have recently re-discovered blues and it has stuck with me for about five weeks now (usually a mood strikes me and sticks, hmm, maybe overnight). I figured the worst that could happen is I could learn to play the blues about how no one will pay me to write.

That'll be fun.

PS. Hey, the photo thing works again! Must be a good day.

PPS. Don't forget to vote. Voting ends, well it ends when it stops I guess. What do you think is a good time to let the voting continue? Let's vote on it.

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Major John said...

Hey, #4 is victorious - so there.