Monday, August 07, 2006

Day XIV - RED Letter Day

I earned my harmonica! I passed the APFT today (pretend it's still Sunday). Major John and I were somewhat competing in the old farts category. I really wasn't trying to compete, but my Inner Prop made me do it (I got 55 pushups, 60 situps and did my two miles in 17'06" and MJ did slightly less in pushups and situps while beating me in the run by ten seconds).

Slightly more important is this: I was awarded the Bronze Star Medal today. My dad, BG (Ret.) La Fleur was there to pin it on me and my clan (pictured at left), my mom, one brother (and his clan) and my sister were there to congratulate me. It was really done right. I returned from Afghanistan 17 months ago and there was a snafu so I didn't get it earlier, but it was really made right today.

Major John really embarassed me with his coverage of it on Miserable Donuts. Thanks dude.

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