Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day XXXI – Fun with Days

Hey, I thought it might be fun to do something like they used to do on the old Mickey Mouse Club. I mean the "Original" MMC, not the one for seniors. Can you see it? M-I-C See? Not with out my glasses; K-E-Y why? I can't remember who, let alone why…

Anyway, now that I've p###ed off the bloggers with the most milage here's my idea. The Original MMC had different themes for each day. They were:

Monday: Fun with Music Day
Tuesday: Guest Star Day
Wednesday: Anything Can Happen Day
Thursday: Circus Day and
Friday: Talent Round-Up Day

Whell, I'll have to make some modifications since:

Tuesday: Guest Stars are HIGHLY unlikely
Thursday: I don't much like the circus, especially c-c-clowns
Friday: well, I've already rounded up as much talent as I can muster here at the old blog.

This is what I propose the themes for each day be:

Monday: Fun with Music

Alright, We’ve had enough! The people won’t stand for this!

In the name of freedom I’m taking over this blog!

Now you, turn this thing around,

We’re going to Cuba!

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