Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day XVI – Mythos Blues

Featured at the Chicago's Lovecraft Blues Club tonight, straight from The Shunned House of Blues, Providence: Blind Idiot Azathoth and the Mythos Trio with Nyarlathotep on flute, Erich Zann on fiddle and The God of Chaos himself Azathoth blowing harp.

Review - You may think flute and fiddle unlikely blues instruments and you'd be right. Zann's contorted scales resemble no musical geometry I know of and the Nyarl-man (as he prefers to be called lately) cannot keep a beat to save his sanity. Somehow all of this is injected into what could only be termed "extreme freeform" harp blowing by the aptly named God of Chaos. The resulting cacophony is unsettling to say the least. Unhinging is more accurate.

Next week: The Band that Must Not Be Named.

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