Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day XXIV – My Mom Said to Cheer Up

My Mother visited recently and said I should get professional help because I'm so angry.

So with that in mind there will be a new new change in philosophy 'round here. No more whining AND no more rants. I'm guessing they weren't that funny anyway since no one commented on them and especially didn't comment like, "yeah" or "way to go" or "stick it to the man" or "honey, do you know where my yellow tie is? What do you you’re your yellow tie for? I wanted to wear it with my teal suit. It doesn't go with your teal suit; wear the red one. But I don't like the red one, besides it has a stain on it. Wear the teal one then. Yuck. Then why do you ask me?" Things like that.

SO, we're back to two watchwords around here: humor and fiction from an award winning author. I know that's more than two words, but hey, we're trying to lighten up and not get too bent around the axle about the little things, right?

And silliness. Silliness is the third watchword, of the more than three watchwords.

No rants. No sir. No more anger, just happy happy.

Oh, and I'm changing the image too. It was too, angst ridden author and not silly enough. I think you'll find the current photo much sillier.


Anonymous said...

Changing your philosophy? You're waffling. Stand by your philosophy. Be a Rugger.

This isn't about being read. This isn't journalism, this is life. Forget about the Fifth Column; in fact forget about columns at all.

There are no columns. In this world there are Forwards and backs. The backs are of no consequence, but of the Forwards there are three Rows.

The Back Row are flighty and unreliable with no real strength or conviction.

The Front Row are Men's Men. They're in there scraping every day, they're up there on the front line making it happen, mano-y-mano.

The Second Row aren't as wily as their Tight Five comrades because they don't face the threat head on in the scrum and in the line out they're out there, sacrificing themselves, but make no mistake the Second Row are the heart and engine of the Scrum, society, the economy and democracy!

Be a man. Be a Rugger. Be a Prop.

Vladimir Ilyich Secondrov "Lockin"

Major John said...

Yeah, I are an engine! Second Row - woot!


Cripes, give a guy the Bronze Star and he goes all goofy...