Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day X - Your Vote Counts (or I'm finally able to post photos and I went a little crazy)

Which should be my blogimage? Whichever receives the most votes will be the image on my profile. Just click on comments and put in the number that appears beside your choice.

1 2

3 4

EDIT: I forgot, you can vote for the current photo. That would be #5.


Sage said...

Number 3 gets my vote, what do I win??

Inner Prop said...

A muchos gracias for sending in the first (hopefully not the only) vote.

If yours is the only vote I can live with that image and you win the chance to see my beautiful face everytime you visit.

Citizen Deux said...

IP, take my advice, reshoot. Go for the <"href=">Paris Tilton in framing your picture. The original is too somber and the rest...well, you won't get a top seat on hot or not. Pick a suitably macho pose with a neutral background.

Why do you think I use a ship?

Major John said...

Sod that! #4 - I already named that one back at Miserable Donuts.

"The Tortured Soul of an Artist" look. DO IT!

maggie katzen said...

#4! #4!

oldboy1 said...

Where is the one with orange and blue stripes? Oh well, #4 will have to do.

Front Row Rules.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am all over #4. Very much the tortured intellectual look. The others look all a bit...corporate I.D. ish.....or high school yearbook.

Inner Prop said...


#2 was my attempt to recreate my HS Senior photo.

You see, my Mom has on her wall photos of her sons at 18 months and 18 years. She had suggested adding photos at 36 years old when I was 38 already. So, she made us take photos for her wall.

She's not going with the HS re-creation, BTW.