Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day XV – Waterpark

I took the day off and took the little props to the local park district pool.

The pools nowadays aren't so much pools and are so much waterparks. This one is brand new this year. The lazy river was the best I've been in. The current was swift and the water jets kept you wet the whole way round; despite the high school pool Nazis who do not allow any fun to be had in the lazy river. Heaven forbid the little old lady alone in her double tube get wet while she floats around the pool.

I expected to see kids and their middle aged mothers. I was not disappointed.

I expected to see extremely scantily clad high school girls prancing around like they had no idea what damage they were doing to male necks, peripheral vision, or blood pressure. I found them surprisingly lacking. There were a few, but not the plethora of bevies moving through the park like galaxies in galactic clusters (passing and altering each groups course without actually intermingling).

I was surprised to see athletic men. Frankly I was intimidated (not in the usual male thinking, "I think I could take him, whoa that dude would mess me up, I'm going to avoid him" but in a "yeah, I'm still attractive to those teens whose breasts still defy gravity" sort of way). I'm used to going to Wisconsin Dells' waterparks and seeing children, women in various stages of the struggle and in various levels of success in that struggle against the ravages of time, and middle aged, overweight, backhair clad men (this is not a function of the consumption of beer and cheese WI is noted for because the parking lots are always full of Illinois plates).

I figure this is the effect of two things. Young men don't have the moola or the inclination to go all the way to WI Dells to cruze for chicks, but can scratch together a few dollaros for the local place. On the other hand the construction workers who do take their families to the Dells have to work incessantly during the one favorable of Chicagoland's two seasons (Winter and Construction).

I'm just sayin'.

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