Thursday, December 06, 2012

Howlina Characters Day 6 - Memory

"6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory."

Frank's happiest memory is his wedding day.  He thought he was marrying the girl of his dreams.  It was a beautiful early summer day in Argentina on a ranch that bordered the ocean.  They honeymooned in Bermuda and it all seemed so magical.

Fiole's happiest memory was when she told her parents that her team had discovered how to economically, commercially and practically generate cold fusion power. 

The team that was working on it had run through all the scenarios with positive results.  They had been given the financial backing to build a test model and they were all in the control room in Protopolee on the day they ran the test.  The first day was the most critical, if that day went as planned then the whole project could only naturally succeed.

The team knew that if the test were successful it would mean that they had the exact right plan for not only creating cold fusion, but also using it.  As the test proceeded the excitement grew and grew.  There was never any real tension, like a football game that is never really in doubt, you not only are winning from the beginning but your team performs well beyond your expectations.  It did so that day.  The equipment performed flawlessly and provided results beyond the most optimistic predictions.

This confirmed that not only was cold fusion viable, but also the development of the Transhumans and their working with normals to go beyond what normals could achieve alone.

As they opened bottles and shared hugs, Fiole found a quiet spot and called her parents at home in Kaurorapolee.  She shared the news and invited them to the upcoming party.  It was the first and only time she saw her Father cry and there was no sign of anything but pride and approval on her Mother's face.

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