Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Howlina Characters - Day 4 - Vanity

"4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?"

Actually, neither Fiole nor Frank are vain in the least. 

Fiole is self-doubting and although she is confident of the individual improvements her race has over normal humans, she's not fully convinced that it adds up to an overall improvement.  She knows and accepts how much stronger, smarter, more attractive, more talented and healthier she and other Supers are.  She believes the improvements will be a boon on society and they may well save the world, but she's not sure it makes them any better people and may in the end make their lives more miserable.

Frank is a bit self-loathing at the beginning of the story.  All vanity has left him.  When he meets Fiole and realizes how much more superior she is than him in every way his pride lifts him a bit.  He wants to, must  be with her and yet knows I doesn't deserve her, can't offer her anything she really needs except worship.  Then he reaches within himself because he hears the distant, faint, but determined voice of self confidence.  He will try to keep up with her as best as he can, knowing he will inevitably fail, he will give it his all.

Others may see Frank's actions and attitude as self-serving and vain.  It is a vain attempt for him to try to complement Fiole's life in any way.  He, and I, see it as love.

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