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Howlina Characters Day 5 - Sex

"5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale?"
This is asking for the sexual orientation.  It would be very easy to just say heterosexual (Kinsey rating of 0) for both Fiole and Frank, but that would be a short and uninteresting post.  It may also be a knee-jerk answer and I need something a bit more complex to make me think outside the box.
I may end up back in the box, but at least I need to look around the box to see if that is more appropriate and that I've covered all the angles.  Additionally when I was first thinking of this story I wanted to let my imagination run cage-free as it were regarding this very topic.
When I looked up the Kinsey Scale (which I had not heard of previously) I found a few other sexual orientation measuring systems.  The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid is explained in good detail in Wikipedia so I would like to use that.

The KSOG is set up as a table in which you are supposed to plug numbers according to a prescribed scale.  Here is the table as I filled it out for Frank and Fiole (click on it to make it bigger if you can't read):
This needs a little explanation right off the bat.  Because of the different races in Howlina the sexual orientation and preferences even more complex.  I had to add some things. In the columns I marked:

S - she (Fiole)
H - he (Frank)
n - normals
s - supers
c - cybers
t - cats
m - mers
f - fae
I marked the number in front of the race to which it applied.  After I filled this out I realized that it would be far easier to just explain what I mean.  
  1. Sexual Attraction. To whom are you sexually attracted?
    1. Past
      1. Before coming to Howlina Frank had only ever been attracted to normal women
      2. Before the story Fiole had been attracted to male Supers and Cybers
    2. Present
      1. After coming to Howlina Frank still finds normal women attractive, but he also finds Super, Cyber and Fae women attractive.  He finds Cats to be magnificent and beautiful, but not sexually attractive.  He sees them as Furries.
      2. After meeting Frank, Fiole now realizes that she finds normal men attractive sometimes.  She has also developed a greater appreciation of female Supers, Cybers and Cats.  She finds Fae far too small to be of any sort of attraction.
    3. Ideal (I'm not really sure what this means, but I'm going on the assumption that it means, "What the people think they should do/be")
      1. Past
        1. Frank sees Super women as the ultimate women and the perfect people for a heterosexual man to desire.
        2. Fiole feels like she should only desire male Supers.  In a way she feels a bit guilty for looking any further afield.
  2. Sexual Behaviour. With whom have you had sex?
    1. Past
      1. Frank has only had sex with normal women
      2. Fiole has had sex with two male suitors and has strictly followed the Veebeelo for protocol for those encounters.
    2. Present
      1. In the story Frank may have sex with women who are Supers and maybe some that are normal.
      2. In the story I think Fiole will have sex with Frank and maybe one other Super man.
    3. Ideal
      1. Frank thinks he is expected to only have sex with normal women
      2. Fiole thinks she is expected to only have sex with Super men, both because she thinks general society would approve of that most and because she thinks they give her the best chance of a perfect match per the Veebeelo.
  3. Sexual Fantasies. About whom are your sexual fantasies?
    1. Past
      1. Frank always fantasized about normal women
      2. Fiole fantasized about Super and normal men mostly, but she also entertained the idea, mostly experimentally, of Super and normal women.
    2. Present
      1. After coming to Howlina Frank explicitly fantasizes about Super women and Fae women in addition to normal women.  The idea of sex with a Cat or Mer is very unappealing to him.
      2. Since meeting Frank and the situations they go through Fiole has started to think about what it would be like to have sex with Cats and Cybers, both male and female.
    3. Ideal
      1. Frank sees women who are Supers and Cybers to be the ultimate object for sexual fantasies.
      2. Fiole feels guilty if she fantasizes about anything but male (mostly) Supers and Cybers.
  4. Emotional Preference. Who do you feel more drawn to or close to emotionally?
    1. Past
      1. Frank has had good male relationships and healthy relationships with women, but he generally hung out with men for emotional support.
      2. Fiole has had good relations with both Super and normal women, and a few with both normal and Super men
    2. Present
      1. Frank is seeing more emotional availability of women now that he is in Howlina and needs friends.  He is finding solace in both men and women who are Supers, normals, Cybers and Cats.
      2. Fiole is turning more to male normals than before, but still finds emotional stability and support from Super and Cyber women.
    3. Ideal
      1. Frank thinks it is perfectly fine to share his feelings with men and women who are normal, Super and Cyber.  He feels a bit funny opening up to any Fae or Cats.
      2. Fiole thinks she should be bonding with male and females of all the races.
  5. Social Preference. Which gender do you socialize with?
    1. Past
      1. Frank usually hung out with men and did stereotypical male things, except when he was sharing feelings and/or wanted to get into some girl's pants
      2. Fiole socialized with Super men and women equally.  She tended more toward women for normal friends and almost only ever hung out with women Cybers and Cats
    2. Present
      1. Frank socializes equally with men and women of any race he meets
      2. Fiole has widened her friend base to include more men who are normal, but she still mostly associates with only women Cybers and Cats
    3. Ideal
      1. Both Frank and Fiole feel like they are expected to be social friends with all races and genders equally
  6. Lifestyle Preference. In which community do you like to spend your time? In which do you feel most comfortable?
    1. Past
      1. Frank was not homophobic and didn't mind being in the company of homosexuals any less than associating with heterosexuals.  He kept conversations away from sex with his homosexual friends, but otherwise they got along fine.
      2. Fiole was even more comfortable in either setting
    2. Present
      1. Both Fiole and Frank still has the same comfort level with the homosexual community.
    3. Ideal
      1. Both feel like they ought to be just as comfortable in either group
  7. Self Identification. How do you label or identify yourself?
    1. Past
      1. Frank self identified as strictly heterosexual normal.
      2. Fiole openly identified herself as being heterosexual with Supers.
    2. Present
      1. Frank has broadened his heterosexual self-identification to include Supers and Cybers.
      2. Fiole has also broadened her preference to include normals and Cybers.
    3. Ideal
      1. Frank would ideally like to be known as heterosexually open to normals, Supers, Cybers and Fae, but he is still reluctant to make his attraction to Fae women public knowledge.
      2. Fiole feels like she is expected to be a strictly heterosexual Super woman attracted to strictly heterosexual Super men.

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