Friday, December 14, 2012

Howlina Characters Day 14 - Temperature

"14.) How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold? "

Frank is not bothered by cold until it gets extremely cold or he's been exposed for a long time.  When he has spent a whole day out in the cold he may end up weakened and sluggish for a couple of days aferward.  His small size is a disadvantage when it comes to extremes of cold and exposure, but he is also too stuborn to let it restrict him to bed.

He is also very good with extreme heat, except that he sweats profusly.  His sweat is watery rather than musty and is not as unpleasant as some people.  He's never suffered a temperature related injury.

Fiole has not really been tested in cold.  It doesn't get very cold in Howlina except at the tops of the mountain ridges in the middle of winter.  These are popular ski areas, and she has been skiing, but she was never exposed to the cold for very long.

I suspect that because she is a Super she can handle extreme cold as well as she handles extreme heat, with ease.  Some of her friends are very jealous that she never seems to sweat.  This is especially evident now that she lives in Chikagopolee, which is as hot and humid as New Orleans.  The really annoying thing, for those that are annoyed by the way she handles the heat is that Supers' sweat smells like flowers.  It's something they wrote into their genetic code.  Most of the Super men smell like grass or fresh forests after a rain.  The women all smell like different flowers.  Fiole smells like violets.

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