Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Howlina Characters Day 23 & 24 - Superstition & Soulmate

"23.) Is your character superstitious? "

No, neither of them are.

That wasn't enough, so on to Day 24.

"24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?"

Ah, now this one is much more interesting.

The Veebeelo is a whole book of age old wisdom for determining your soulmate.

It begins with singing.  Even before sight, singing and music compatibility are the primary aspects of love.

The book goes through what aspects should be in sync, how to judge if they are compatible, and a scale on which to measure the level of compatibility.

It includes cooking, eating, walking, talking, games, breathing, snoring, sleeping, child rearing, number of children, body shapes, eye color, hair color, length of limbs, travel desires, vacation preferences, housing history, housing plans, work, career, hobbies, laughs, humor, sadness, anger, holiday traditions, pets, allergies, and ultimately sex.

There are charts, diagrams, and pictures.

It would be much too much to go through in this post.

It does not take genetic engineering and Transhumans into account.

Frank has no such guide, and therefore neither Viole nor Frank know, or can know who their perfect partner is, should be, or even could be.

Isn't that really one of the most important questions in all of our lives, who is this person?

We must also ask, when is this person?  What time in life is best for us to me this person?  We are always changing ourselves, when is the best time for us to me this other person so that we can both change our life directions to match each other?

The Veebeelo talks about that and helps to guide you, but it doesn't tell you who it is.  It tells you how to test.  It is up to you to work with the prospective mate to make a a perfect match.

One of the main points of the story I want to write is whether Viole and Frank are a match, so I could not answer this question here.  Still, it is a very interesting question.

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