Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Howlina Characters Day 19 - Travel

"19.) What’s your character’s preferred means of travel?"

Tardis, no; ocean liner, no; winged horse, no; starship, no; transporter, transmat, monster truck, no, no, no.  Jetpack,, no.

Both Frank and Viole enjoy walking very much.  Frank enjoys traveling by horse, but Viole would prefer a cart or sledge.

Viole's absolutely favorite way to travel is to fly.  She is partial to hang gliding, but it is entirely impractical to get anywhere, so she prefers ultralight aircraft.  If she could use it to get everywhere she would.  She also likes hot air ballooning.

She loves the ability to move just based on wind, and the feel of working with nature, giving what she offers and bringing what Viole herself has to offer.

Frank's favorite mode of travel is sailing.  He had a canoe as a child in Minnesota and often sailed on the lakes there.  In the winter his favorite sport was ice sailing.  He missed that while he was in Montana at school, so when he got to Argentina he bought a canoe and went out on the rivers as much as possible.

He likes the interplay between water and wind.  He too likes the ability to move on the power of nature alone, but he also likes the idea of traveling on a medium that he normally couldn't, using what others find as a barrier as his means of transport.

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