Monday, December 10, 2012

Howlina Character Day 10 - Crossroads

"10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable."

For Frank the most pivotal day would be the one he most would like to forget.  Other key turning points in his life were when he joined the rodeo to pay for college, the first time he traveled to Argentina just after graduating from the University of Montana, when he got his job at the University of Buenos Aires, and now after his divorce when he got got his current job, which brought him to Howlina.

The turning points in Fiole's life include when she got her job at the Balo Company in Protopolee, working with the team to develop cold fusion; and the day she met the American team from the Department of Energy.  That day under the pressure of the looming "visit" and difficulties she was having in her personal relationship gave her a personal (what would be the opposite of an epiphany, not the antonym, but the opposite, when someone has a sudden realization that they DON'T understand something) shock that made her question many things.  In an effort to avoid this crisis of faith she left her position in Balo and moved to Chikagopolee to take a new position.

While in the cavitated wake of Fiole's crisis and move; and Frank's divorce they met, another event that both solidified their personalities and provided another turning point in both their lives.

There will be one other in the story for each of them.

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