Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Comute 2011 - Day 50 - 2/3rds Done!

IN -

This was my first bike commute after playing Rugby Saturday. My legs felt tired and heavy. I felt old and slow.

Surprise, this was a very fast morning at 33 minutes, one of my fastest.

When I came to my building they had the sprinklers on. This wouldn't bother me except I have to serpentine my way through to the door I use and parts of the path were soaked from runoff. This makes the way slippery and I have to slow down.

That wasn't much of a problem today though.


This was a day of crossing. First an Amtrak crossed my path. It was long before I got to the tracks so it didn't slow me down.

Then a caterpillar crossed my path, the small, fuzzy, butterfly larva kind, not the big, yellow diesel kind.

Then it was a chipmunk, then another train, this time a freight train. I crossed under this train so it didn't slow me down either.

The SD card in my phone died so I can't take any pictures, but I'm going to try to make it up when I do get it fixed.

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