Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 39

From 9 Aug 11
IN -

Started at 4:10 and then I remembered that I hadn't put out the garbage so I went back, put the trash out and then started again at 4:14.

The ride felt long, slow and laborious. However it only actually took me 34 minutes so in actuality it was one of my fast rides.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I weighed myself last night. About last week I weighed myself and I was right around 224-225 (down from just about 249-249 at Christmas time). Last night I was about 228-229. I have no idea how I could have GAINED 3-5 pounds since I've ridden quite a bit in the last month and last week actually was exercising in addition to that. I don't think it's adding muscle that much.

Maybe that disappointment is what made me feel every turn of the pedals and feel like I was creeping along.

My phone said it was raining or pretty likely could rain this morning (over 30% chance). Turned out that it not only wasn't raining, it was so clear that I could see the stars. It was very wet on the ground, but not a cloud that I could see in the sky.

I have a meeting today on the other side of campus, about a mile away. I didn't hesitate much over whether I could do that while bike commuting. I will have to go in my work clothes and be careful not to sweat too much, but I've done it before once. I just hope it doesn't rain.


Now there's a new entry. It didn't rain and it was a pleasant, relaxed 5 minutes across the approximately mile wide campus. I was specifically trying not to ride hard because I had my work clothes on and I didn't want to get to the meeting all sweaty.

In the end I walked around half the building trying to find the office and got a bit of a sweat worked up anyway (it's a manufacturing facility and a bit warm inside).

It all worked out perfectly fine.


There was like a 400mph wind in my face, no matter where I turned the wind was there, pushing me back. It was only by a titanic effort of will and my massive yet finely muscled prop legs that allowed me passage through the maelstrom and got me home in time to deliver a check to my daughter.

Not exactly, but I was going for suspense.

My middle daughter called and said that she needed a check for sports and she needed it by 3:00 today. My wife made a little trip over to my building to give me the check (which was very nice since I enjoy seeing her) and I made sure I left right at 1:30.

I don't know exactly how strong the wind was, but I do know it was out of the West, it was visibly blowing the trees and the wind turbine that I have pictured before was going crazy. Based on past experiences I would guess that it was at least a 15mph wind.

I'll say it again, when you're only going 15 mph, a 15mph headwind basically takes away all your work and you're at a stand still. At least it feels that way. I'm sure it doesn't actually work out that way if you take all the physics into it. All I know is a headwind like that just chews you up.

Since I was on a time crunch I rode as hard as I could the whole way. I actually made it in 46 minutes which is very respectable. The quickest time I've had this year was 41 minutes, but the average is about 48 minutes.

Man was I tired, but I got the check there on time.

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