Friday, August 05, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 38 - Fifth Bike Commute This Week!

With this ride I have finally, at any time ever, rode to work every day in a week.  Five bike commutes in a week really ran together.
IN -
Knowing that my legs were probably fully taxed out yesterday, I didn't expect much from this ride.  Like what I said about omens, you really never know what you are going to get until you actual do it (they say that's why they play the football games on Sunday).  I caught the green at Butterfield and again at Milwaukee, mostly through hard pedaling rather than just timing and waiting.  I actually only took one minute longer than yesterday and today I went all the way around to the front door.
My legs were pretty much mush by this time.  I did have one excuse for my 51 minute ride though, I was stopped by a train right as I left Abbott.
The train only took a couple, maybe three minutes, so it wasn’t much of an excuse.  Ever notice how loud the horn is?  When you are right up on it and not in a car the horn itself can shake you and scare you.
I took the Des Plaines River trail down from Atkinson, which is a treat I reward myself with on Fridays only.  It was cool and leafy and green.
When I got to that section where they are repairing the road there was a worker standing right there.
They had partially paved half the road where the North Short Bike Path crosses.  He told me to watch the drop and then told me not to bring my dog over there because the new asphalt was still very hot.
I got off my bike and walked it across just to be safe.
As I left I mentally kicked myself.  One of the things I thought it might be good to do on my rides is to actually talk to people and maybe challenge myself to meet a new person each day.
I should have gotten that guys picture and told him I was going to write about this in my blog, but I didn’t.  Here is a photo of a road worker that is a unlike him as I could find.
NOT my construction worker "friend"
After I kicked myself I stopped (mentally of course) and asked myself what I was thinking.  My commutes are about riding as a means of transportation first and foremost.  They are also about health and helping the environment.  Last they are meant as enjoyment, but more of experiencing my surroundings rather than as the sport of riding.
I think I did miss an opportunity today, but to manufacture such opportunities, for their own sake would not really fit the ethos I’m attempting with my bike commutes.
Friendly and more in touch with my surroundings and fellow earthlings, yes; sport rider and artificially manipulating my environment, no.
Then I saw a lady that I had seen at least three times before riding toward me.  I smiled and nodded at her saying, “hello.”  Then I passed a man I had seen yesterday.  He seemed much happier to see me today than yesterday.  We exchanged nods and quick, “Hi”s.
Friday is over, five rides in five days, every day this week.  Now I’m out of clothes again.  I think I’m going to ride my Monday clothes in with me and give four more sets to my wife to drive in to me.
It is Friday and I’m still a bit giddy about the week, so we will see just how dedicated I am come Monday morning.

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