Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Life, The Universe and Everything - Day 42

From Monday, 15 Aug 11

Maria's Name Day in the Greek Orthodox tradition, so happy name day to all you Maria's out there.

It's also my answer day, my Day 42.
IN -

Got a late start this morning at 4:13. It took me 35 minutes so I got in on time, but I didn't have time to get in a little early and write my thoughts.

It was extremely foggy this morning and difficult to see. That may have been more a function of my glasses fogging up than the actual fog, but the result is basically the same and probably both caused by the high humidity.

The moon caused a bit of difficulty seeing too. There was actually too much of it. it was full or nearly full and it made the stars difficult to see, as well as causing glare off the fog of my glasses.

I felt very wobbly and what I will call, "scategorical" for lack of a better word. I felt like I was all over the place with very little control (relatively). I don't know why. Maybe I'll figure it out if it continues.

On Atkinson I was passed by a car and when it had gone past I noticed a car parked on my side of the road. Where it was parked is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There are houses on that side, but their back yards face that road. On the other side is an open field and then after a couple hundred yards, a stand of trees. As I went past the car I was startled to zip past two people. They were a couple, like man and wife, as near as I could tell. I didn't catch their conversation, but their demeanor made me think that they were there on purpose. It seemed like they had parked there specifically and had gotten out of the car to stand there. I also think they may have had mugs in their hands, or it could have been binoculars.

It's entirely possible that they were star gazers. I had thought to myself that that might be a good spot for it. The thing is, as I said, the moon was too bright. They weren't facing the moon, so they weren't looking for that, but it was washing out most of the stars. The Perseids were at their height last Friday/Saturday, so I don't know exactly what they were doing.


I rode past some kids riding bikes and one was stopped. One of the others was going back to him to talk.

I remember being a boy and riding with my friends. We did a lot of crazy things, like fighting and riding at the same time and running each other into things like trees and parked cars. I never would have wanted a grownup to have stopped and asked us what we were doing or if we needed help. So, I didn't stop. I feel entirely justified in this, and not guilty at all; except…

I had made an admonition to stop. I didn't not fulfil it so what good is it, but they did not need help, would not have wanted it.

So it begs the question, when can a grown man help an older child, or a young woman?

I know that I make a sort of deranged face when I'm exerting myself. It has frightened some of the tougher people I know, just by its inhuman appearance. I don't suppose anyone who is already predisposed to feel like a possible victim would really want that sort of thing barreling down on them asking if they're in trouble.

I don't think I could be much help if I'm intimidating and frightening.

Maybe I'm thinking about this way too much.

Do you think I am?

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