Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 41

From 11 Aug 11

IN -

It was hazy this morning so I didn't really star gape. Honestly, I tried a bit, but I could hardly see anything and even Orion looked faint (and not because it looks like he's lying down).

I didn't put too much effort into the ride today. I worked out my legs pretty late last night and my head was full of family matters. It was about 60o and calm.


It was a pretty day with a slight headwind. It wasn't much to mention, but I was having a good time, thinking about how many people were using the trail when I passed some fun-riders.

I saw a pair of ladies on bikes ahead of me and I tried to ride faster to catch and pass them. As we were all approaching Butterfield we passed another lady standing next to her bike.

I've been telling myself for quite a while that I should at least ask if other riders need help whenever I see them in any level of distress, from confusion to pain to broken bike. As I passed this lady she seemed to be fairly well equipped, like she was a regular rider, but not like she was a fanatic. She seemed to be just adjusting the strap on her helmet so I passed her without bothering her.

When I got to the light at Butterfield, the other two ladies were waiting for it to change and talking about the third lady. I didn't hear it all, but I got the gist that they were worried about her and then one of them turned around and went back to see how she was doing.

At that point I felt awkward because I wasn't with those other women, and if I had gone back too, then it would have seemed very creepy.

The light changed and the one lady and I crossed. As I looked back I could see that the lady who had doubled back was walking toward the light with the other woman. They didn't look too concerned and may have been walking only because they were going to have to wait on the next light any way.

It really made me feel guilty and took the pleasure out of the rest of my ride. I should have gone back to help her, or at least ask her if she needed help.

I think that even if you don't believe in God or that life has no purpose, that it's just a random event from a very long series of evolving events with no guide, then the very least purpose of being here on earth, of being alive is to help make the world a better place, helping each other and strengthening the community.

If I continually ignore those in need or even those potentially in need then what good am I?

I am making a firm admonition right here and now.

Whenever I am riding my bicycle and I see another cyclist stopped for any reason I will ask if they are okay.

This includes the ones who, I think, are clearly stopping just to catch a view or because they seem to have gotten to their destination. I will exclude those who are stopping because they have met others to whom they are talking.

I will not let another opportunity to help someone else slip by.

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