Saturday, January 12, 2013

P90X Week 1

Just a few minutes ago I finished my first week of P90X.

I've been doing it off and on since late October, but this was only the second full 6 day week I've done.  I thought I would start in late October and be super fit by Christmas, but I didn't have the yoga disk and then Thanksgiving got in the way, then Christmas and New Years, and I hurt my calf overdoing plyo, and then there was Kwanzaa and Hanuka.

To quote Jake Blues, "There was a hurricane, an wasn't my fault!!!"

Last Monday was my official, official start day, and to paraphrase Darth Vader, There will be no holidays to stop me this time.

I have an Excel file I found and it talks about a Classic Program and a Lean Program.  The copy I have is not complete, but it looks like I only have the Classic, except that I have all the disks.  Because I hurt my calf a couple of weeks ago I'm a bit leery about doing plyo full out, so I opted for the cardio instead of plyo for this first week.

Yesterday was the worst, only because I had a lot of things going on and I didn't start to work out until 2300.  I finished at about 0030, so I sort of did a double today.

I dialed down the intensity from the highest I had gotten in my intermittent stages of November and December.  I figured I'd reset the bar and keep raising it from this week forward.

Isn't that a funny expression, "raise the bar?"  I always think about limbo when I hear that and it confuses me.  I keep thinking that it would be harder to lower the bar.

Anyway, I still can't do a regular pull-up and I don't really have a space I can do it.  Where I have my overhead pull-up bar I have to bend my knees just to hang at full arm and it think it hampers me a bit.  No excuses, but I do think I would be able to do at least one if I could hang straight.

Without a real pull-up bar and no bands to use I have a waist-high bar and I lay on the floor.  I can't reach the bar when I lay with my arms fully extended (in other words, when I am holding the bar I can extend my arms fully without touching my back to the floor).  This week I did all my pull-ups with that bar and with my feet up on a chair so I know I'm not getting any help from my legs (it just makes everything a bit lighter).  When I was doing it in November and December I would occasionally try the higher bar.  As soon as I am able to do any with the higher bar I'm going to switch to that and only add the lower bar after I've done all I can on the higher one.

So anyway, that's one week in the bag.  Is anyone else doing P90X, P90, Zumba, Buns of Steel?

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