Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Howlina Characters - Day 30 - Letters

"30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself. "

I was going to split this into two posts because I had 31 days in December, but I'm into January and I want to finish this up so I can get on to my goal setting for 2013.  I wrote the letters and then looked at the prompt again before I realized that these letters are supposed to be from me to the characters.  I wrote them from a character to my main characters.  Hopefully I can be forgiven the mistake.
I'll start with Frank and a letter from his Uncle Vigo.


I trust the apartment is comfortable and I hope you're settling in well. 

I didn't know if you had contacted your parents about your recent difficulties, but I took the liberty to.  You must have known that I would talk with my younger brother and your well being would be a hot topic.  You will of course have spoken with them yourself and I hope the conversation went well.  You know there really never is a reason not to tell them things, I understand why you didn't, but you might consider the alternative next time you are in trouble.

I don't know if you have had any success finding work, but I assumed you had not.  Your situation is complex enough to expect difficulties finding anything career oriented.

Please forgive my impertinence, but I have networked on your behalf.  I have some contacts in Sweden.  You're smart enough to realized that was one of the reasons I helped you relocate there.  I have actually found you a position, if you are willing to take it.  There is a prominent and very large bookstore in Stockholm that is in need of an Antiquarian Acquisitionist.  I know that is not your speciality, but the position offer a good deal of travel which should keep your mind quite occupied and in motion.

You should contact Mr. Fredrick Lampson at your earliest convenience.  I will include the contact information and details about the Herdenberg Bookstore.

With Full Confidence in Your Success and Heartfelt Love,
Uncle Vigo

Now Viole's (this is translated from Viole and Payate's secret language):

Viole Dear,

Happiest of Happy Christmases.  I know you are a strict follower of Howler traditions and shun anything you consider to be unwanted intrusions from foreign powers, so please forgive me a slight faux pas from the outside world.  I have a Christmas present for you.

I know you will refuse without hesitation, but before you do, please consider that I am offering you a gift and the proper reaction for a young lady, let alone a Super lady, is to graciously accept and then donate it to a worthy charity.

Also, think about your curiosity.  Why would I offer you a Christmas present?  I've never offered one to you before, as far as you know I have not offered a Christmas present to anyone else either.  Why you, why now?  What could it be?

I know you want to find out and the only way is to meet me at the Bullock Tavern at 2200 tonight, and wear something Christmasy.

Love and kisses,

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