Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 Goal Setting - Role Goals (2)

I'm back with Role Goals.

So far I have a hold on the Work Goal until I talk with my boss, and my Archaeology goal is to participate in an Archaeology activity.

Left on my list are:
  1. Family Man
  2. Job Hunter
  3. Girl Scouter
  4. Boy Scouter
  5. Writer
I'm going to have to put Quarterly Dates as my Family Man goal.  If the wife and I are happy then everything else will flow smoothly.
  1. Passion - you betcha
  2. Visualize - A full moon shines over your candlelit face as we each take a forkful of pasta and slowly draw the noodles into our mouths our faces draw closer until we are kissing...
  3. Interim steps
    1. Put it on the calendar
    2. Run interference for the wife
    3. Get the kids buy-in to behave and be home (we don't need a sitter anymore, but we do need them not to be out at the same time)
    4. Make reservations
    5. I'm not leaving any of this in her hands, I'll make the decision on where to go too
  4. Write down - got it here and in my planner, I will get it on hers
  5. Due Dates
    1. Calendarize by the end of January
    2. Double check and clear dates 1 month out
    3. Reservations 1 week out
  6. Review monthly
Job Hunter goal is to get a new job (simple).
  1. Passion - I'm more interested in this than my current job and my current job is somewhat precarious due to expected cutbacks - so if I weren't passionate I'm having passion thrust upon me
  2. Visualize - at first timid about my new job and slightly overwhelmed, but gradually warming to it and thinking of many exciting new ways I can do my job better.  Eventually being so happy to go to work that I'll whistle as I walk out the door, with my wife putting my hat on my head and handing me my lunch, no scratch that, I drive off in my new sports car wearing cool shades as my wife kisses me (ala The Incredibles)
  3. Interim steps (ah, here is the rub)
    1. Check job postings weekly
    2. Apply to at least one job a month
    3. Follow up on application by email
    4. One interview a quarter (don't really have control of this, but if I shoot for it I may bump up the other interim steps to meet it)
  4. Write down - I have it here, have it on my planner and I will get it in my Growth Plan at work
  5. Due Dates - see interim steps, but the most important date is to get a new job before they remove my current position
  6. Review weekly (not here, but at work).  Review here monthly
My Girl Scouter goal is to get trained.  I signed on as the camping expert so I need to get the Girl Scouting Camping Training.
  1. Passion - I'm doing this at the behest of my youngest daughter who I love very much.  Also, I love camping.
  2. Visualize - sitting up in the evening with all they campers sleeping, waiting for the fire to die, sharing stories with the other leaders.
  3. Interim steps
    1. Get training materials
    2. Schedule training class
    3. Turn in pre-class materials
    4. Attend class
  4. Write down - here and in my planner
  5. Due Dates - the next class is in March so I have to get it done then.  The next camporee is in May, which means I have to attend the March training.
  6. Review weekly
My Boy Scouter Goal is very tricky if I'm going to limit myself to one. I think I'm going to have to put (leave) the Chicago Lincoln Avenue Trail on the back burner because my official position is more involved than what I had at the beginning of last year.  I'm also going to have to leave the Order of the Arrow on the back burner.  I had wanted to earn the Brotherhood level, but that will have to wait a bit now, at least as a goal for the year.

My Boy Scouter Goal is to be a successful District Commissioner.  The district is graded on what is called the Journey to Excellence.  This system has about a dozen points and you can earn bronze, silver or gold in each.  At the end you add up all the points and earn a bronze, silver or gold for the district for the year.  In 2011 we earned Silver and in 2012 we will have earned Silver, but with more points.  Two of the points are directly in the control of the Commissioner Staff, the ratio of Commissioners to units, and the number of times the Commissioners visit their units.  We got silver in both of these points in both years.  My goal is to get gold for both of these.
  1. Passion
  2. Visualize - I will attend the District Dinner as we get awarded the Gold District award and feel proud that I played a significant part in it
  3. Interim steps
    1. Recruit my own Unit Commissioner replacement
    2. Network for new prospects
    3. Charge the Assistant District Commissioners (ADC) with recruiting enough Unit Commissioners (UC) for their areas
    4. Assign UCs as most appropriate
    5. Hold regular ADC meetings
    6. Remind the UCs about making and recording their visits
  4. Write down - here and in my planner.  I'm going to share with the staff when we meet next week.
  5. Due dates -
    1. Challenge the staff by next week
    2. Recruit my replacement no later than March
    3. Hold ADC meetings quarterly
  6. Review - monthly here, in my planner and at staff meetings
My Writer Goal is trickiest of all.  I have nothing much in the hopper, yet I have tons of stuff itching to be done.  So far I've kept up the postings here, but it almost seems like spinning my wheels.  Where am I going, it is a means unto itself?  I'm going to have to think on this a lot and maybe tweak it for a while until I get it to where I want it.  So for this one I'm going to put it to another post to share.

In review:
  • Physical - P90X
  • Mental - TBA
  • Social - Join a club
  • Spiritual - Learn the trees
  • Family Man - Quarterly dates
  • Abbott Worker - TBA
  • Job Hunter - Get a new job
  • Girl Scouter - Get trained
  • Boy Scouter - Gold Commissioner JtE points
  • Writer - TBA
  • Archaeologist - Participate in an Archaeology activity

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