Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Goal Setting Getting SMART failed me.  Thanks Mobile Monday
I want to vet my 2013 goals against the SMART system.

I've decided that I'm going to keep my work goal confidential here.  It may be proprietary and I am going to write it down and share it at work.  Trust me, it will be tracked.

The SMART system says the goals should be:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results focused
  • Time bound
My Physical Goal is to Complete P90X.
  • Specific - yes
  • Measurable - I do or don't finish, there is not try.  That's the measure of success
  • Achievable - I have a plan and I'm fit enough to start, I do think I can do it
  • Results focused - this means I can't take credit just because I did it a lot if I don't finish
  • Time bound - it's right in the name, 90 days
For the rest of them I'm not going to go point by point, I'll just record if they meet the requirements.

Mental Goal:  Learn Greek to a S2 or B1 level by the end of the year.
This meets the requirements.

Family Man Goal:  Go on Quarterly Dates with my wife this year.
Dates is not well defined here, but I know what it means.  Otherwise I think this meets the requirements.

Job Hunter Goal:  Get a new position by the end of the year.
I think this is a SMART goal, but I have to make sure my plan is solid and I follow it carefully if I want it to be achievable.

Girl Scouter Goal:  Get Outdoor Skills Trained in time for our troop to go camping in May.
It may not seem like it here, but this is fairly cut and dry as long as I follow the plan.

Boy Scouter Goal:  Achieve Gold level points on Journey to Excellence in the Unit Service area.
I need to work on my plan to achieve this too, but it is SMART.

Writer Goal:  Write a fortnightly podcast on Chicago history.
The measurement and result is a bit fuzzy here.  I think it needs more.

Write a fortnightly podcast on Chicago history that are each between 10 and 30 minutes long.  I should write 20 podcasts to consider this goal accomplished.  Once I start I must not miss an installment by more than two days.
That's better, as far as goals go, it's certainly much harder as far as achieving it goes, but I have to hold myself to a specific SMART goal or it won't do any good.

Spiritual Goal:  Learn the neighborhood trees.
This one is far short of meeting the requirements.  Let's revisit.
By the end of the year I will be able to identify the species (by common name) of 10 random trees native to my area when the trees are fully leafed out.

My Archaeology Goal:  Participate in an Archaeology activity by the end of the year.
The activity would include a dig, a mock dig, a class or an experiment

Finally, my Social Goal:  Join a band or club
This may be the easiest and the least likely to get done since it is the lowest priority.  The point is to get out more, but since, "getting out more" is not a SMART goal I made it this.

Well, I think I've beat this dead horse enough.  I hope I haven't lost any readers.  That's it for goal setting, I promise and I owe you all.  I think I will have to repay your patience with some fiction coming soon.

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