Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013 Goal Setting - Part 3a

I have the following goals to set yet:  Mental, Abbott Worker, and Writing.

I'm feeling a bit guilty for not taking a Chicago Lincoln Avenue Trail goal.  I've got other people involved in that project and I really should take that as a goal.

I've decided that I'm going to take that as my Mental goal, sort of.  I'm taking, Learning More About Chicago as my goal, and that feeds right into CLAT.
  1. Passion - I love Chicago, the CLAT was my Dad's project I want to keep alive and I owe it to those who have already said they would help
  2. Visualize - I envision scores of young people gathering for a parade-like opening, each wearing their earbuds plugged into their pod-esque devices.  The TV, radio and print media are there to record and interview for the human interest pieces of the day.  The march begins and everyone listens to the professional sounding hiking guide as they learn about Chicago and earn unique patches.
  3. Interim steps
    1. Mental Goal only steps
      a.  Get books from the library
      b.  Read up on general Chicago history
      c.  Find material about Lincoln Avenue and read up on that
      d.  Record any applicable information for use with the CLAT
    2. CLAT specific steps that may or may not be finished, but we'll work on
      a.  Finish the CLAT blog (this has several interim steps itself)
      b.  Steering Committee meetings
      c.  Pitch to CAC (Chicago Area Council of the BSA)
      d.  Pitch to the GSUSA Council (Greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana)
      e.  Pitch to Eagle candidates who want to help, and then coordinating with those Scouts on their Eagle projects
      f.  Get the guide re-written
      g.  Get the guide recorded and posted
      h.  Publicity
      i.  Fundraising
      j.  Parade coordination
      k.  On-going upkeep efforts
      l.  Blazes along the route
  4. Write down - here; in my planner; on the CLAT blog; and for the CLAT itself; I'll be writing meeting notes.
  5. Due Dates - 
    1.  For reading it's more of an ongoing thing with less designated due dates than weekly reminders
    2.  I'm setting the date of the end of the quarter for the first  Steering Committee meeting.  We'll set the schedule from there
  6. Review Monthly here and on the CLAT facebook page.

Wow, that seems like a lot.  I've still got my Abbott Worker and Writer goals to do yet.  I'm pretty sure my writing goal will have something to do with audio dramas and/or podcasts.  To date my most lucrative writing effort was an audio drama so I may continue in that vein.  Also, that lends itself well to the audio hiking guide of this goal.

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