Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 Goal Setting Part 3 - Role Goals (1)

I've realized that in the task management software I'm using (Toodledo on my PCs and DGT GTD on my Android devices) provides tools to help track goals.  The tools were upgraded since the last time I played with them and they seem much more useful now.  I'm going to use those in addition to posting here.

I've also realized that I've already set a lot of goals, and it wouldn't hurt to have some shorter ones that can be done in the first quarter so I can focus on others as they develop into the more involved stages.

Because of that I'm going to take 75 bike commutes off the table.  I'm still going to shoot for that, but more like I did in 2012 than like I did in 2011.  In 2011 it was a full goal and I made every effort to get there.  In 2012 it wasn't a goal, and I just tried to ride as often as I could.  That's what I'm going to do in 2013.  If I see I'm close or if I think I need another physical goal then I'll add one when needed.

Now, on to what this post is really about, my goals for my Roles.  To recap what I consider to be my Roles (in alphabetical order):
  • Abbott Worker
  • Archaeologist (amateur)
  • Boy Scouter
  • Family Man
  • Girl Scouter
  • Job Hunter
  • Writer
In reality, Family Man trumps all others with the job oriented ones coming in second (mainly as support of the family).  I should probably put Sleeper in there because that is the only discretionary time I really get and it gets sacrificed a lot, what with no priority.

If I had to put them in priority order based on how I have to make decisions (not on what I'm most interested in) then it would be:
  1. Family Man
  2. Abbott Worker
  3. Job Hunter
  4. Girl Scouter
  5. Boy Scouter
  6. Writer
  7. Archaeologist

I'm supposed to be passionate about my goals and actually it is a bit difficult to get passionate about work goals.  I work to make money and that's pretty much it.  I don't get very much satisfaction from it.  That is part of what I want to do as a Job Hunter, is move into a position that will give me some satisfaction, but currently there is not much there.

My boss doesn't really look like that
What work goal would also be satisfying on a personal level?  I will have to work on that with my boss, as we have a session coming up for Growth Planning.  I will get back to this list on that but it will probably fall in the category of leading a team, training and or some personal project.

Archaeologist is another matter.  Here it is almost all passion and very little headway or physical work.  There are no digs in my area; I can't afford the time or cost to go to a field school; and I really can't afford the time to even go to the "local" meetups.  I do listen regularly to podcasts about the latest doings in the field, and subscribe to forums and blogs.  I have volunteered as a Merit Badge Counselor for Archaeology merit badge and even contacted a local Archaeologist who puts on mock digs.  I asked to be invited to the next one he hosts, but I guess he didn't host one last year.  I was also not called to counsel anyone on the merit badge.

Right now I'm most interested in local Archaeology and I've lately been very intrigued by Experimental Archaeology.  I have had on my list of To Dos to participate in experiments, but again I've made little headway.  There aren't a lot being conducted around here and from what I can gather the most common one that people participate in on an individual basis is flint knapping and other archaic crafts (basket weaving, bowyery, pottery, etc.).  I'm not sure if I have the crafty skills to do any of those.  What I am sure of is that it would take quite a bit of time and for this Role to move up quite a few places in priority in order to make it happen. 

I'm going to make my Archaeology Goal to participate in an Archaeology Activity (experiment, mock dig, conference or dig)

1.  Passion
2.  What does it look like - I'm out in the sun with a dirt all around me and something in my hand that I've just made or discovered that gives me some insight into how people lived in the past.
3.  Interim steps
    A.  Continue with my blog and podcast subscriptions
    B.  Continue to try to contact the local Forest Preserve about attending a mock dig (they have so far ignored my contact attempts or passed me off to someone else who had ignored me)
    C.  Get some flint to knap
    D.  Get a book on flint knapping and read it
    E.  Get and read the following books (from the library but ultimately to own):
 Product Image
by Terry Straus
 Product Image
by Helen Hornbeck Tanner
 Product Image
by James A. Clifton 4.  Write down and share - got it
5.  Due Dates - I'll be setting up projects in my task management, but it will boil down to planning finished by mid year and participation done by the end of the year
6.  Review monthly

I think that's a good place to stop for today.  Blogger is having trouble with my outline list so I'll have to continue this in another post.

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