Monday, May 16, 2011

Proud Dad - Camping and High Ropes

This weekend my youngest went on a camping trip.  It was possibly her first camping trip and it was COLD.  I understand it got down into the mid 30s.  They were in a building, but it was a plywood one built for summer, with no heat and some of the windows were only screens with canvas over.  She reported no hardship whatsoever.


I brought her to the camp (Timber-Lee in East Troy, WI), about an hour and a half from our house.  Since I had to do quite a bit of driving and I had stayed with her sisters on their first trips I decided to stay as long on Saturday as I could.

As soon as they got there they did archery.
Then they had lunch, orienteering and then, right before I had to leave they did high ropes.  This is very similar to COPE, if anyone is familiar with Owasippe (it might be a BSA-wide thing too).  The difference is that each of these "elements" is separate.  You have to climb up to each one and they lower you down each time.  There is no slide for life at the end.

In the time they allotted she managed to do two (that was typical I'd guess for our group).  The first was a balance beam, 22 feet in the air.  The second was a tight rope.

Here's a photo of her climbing the second element.  I'm so proud.  I took videos of both the elements she did, but I'm not sure if I want to share them on the net.

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