Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 14

IN -

Got a good early start today. The smells were particularly interesting today.

While still in my subdivision I smelled cat. This was the kind of smell you get when you walk into a cat person's house. The odd thing is I've never smelled a cat running around outside before. I've seen them, but not smelled them. If there had been a litter box on the curb in the trash or old carpet I would have expected that kind of smell, but it isn't garbage day. Maybe there was a sick cat out there.

After the cat and still in my subdivision I smelled cigarettes. I didn't see any smoker out at 4:05, but I smelled it.

Later I passed a gas station and could smell the gas, and I smelled the bakery I passed.

In Libertyville I smelled wood fire, probably someone's home. Then in Lake Bluff in the other subdivision I ride through I smelled the wood fire odor very strongly. I think someone there might be using wood to heat their home.


It was another beautiful day and I was enjoying the ride. I wanted to take a picture of something different and I was trying to think of what that might be.

I stopped on the bridge over the Des Plaines River and thought I would take a picture of the different level of the river if nothing else came to mind.

As I was taking the pictures (which were lovely, btw) I spotted something. It was brown and low and moving up the river. As I watched it I saw the tail and realized it was a beaver. I snapped a couple of pictures and it was actually moving slow enough that I switched over to video and caught it as it moved out of sight.
Who you lookin at?

When I reviewed the pictures I realized it had been watching me.

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