Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 5

Entry - Denied or You Shall Not Pass
IN - The gate was locked!  That's my first thought as I write this because it was the most recent and because I took a picture of it.  I actually left earliER than I had been (4:09) so I was pretty happy.  Most of the lights were with me, but I did have to make a full stop to blow my nose at one point.  It is very cold this morning (39o now at 5:15) but very little wind.  Before I came to the gate I saw a car parked on Atkinson south of Abbott, which is very unusual since it's all open fields there.  On two previous occasions I had been at that particular gate onto Abbott's Abbott Park campus and I saw them open it between 4:25 and 4:35.  I got there this morning at 4:41 and there were no security in sight.  I stood there for almost a minute and nothing.  I started riding around and decided it would be today's picture so I doubled back.  When I did, I saw that same car that had been parked driving eastbound on Atkinson with only the parking lights on and the gate was still closed.  I had to ride at least an extra mile to go around to another gate.  When I passed my gate on the inside it was open.  Well, that's more exercise for me.  Since I signed up for Exercise Across Abbott with a lady who is a tri-athelete I can sure use the extra minutes for the team.

Abbo-Labbo from I294 and Atkinson
HOME - Well the gate did what the trains could not, I got home one minute faster than it took me to get to work.  It was bright and sunny, there was actually a heat index so although it was like 51 it felt 60ish.  It was very nice with a slight breeze.  I was only going to go with one picture today, but as I was leaving work I was crossing the interstate and snapped the second picture.  It is decidely less impressive than the at-night version, but I was in a hurry this morning.  There was quite a bit of traffic on the bike trail this afternoon, but otherwise it was uneventful.  I did pass UNDER a train on Prospect in Mundelein near Lake street, that was satisfying.  Also, I had purchased a reflective vest that I wore yesterday and today.  I don't like it because it makes me look like a construction worker, but it is highly visible.  Also, it makes me look fat.

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