Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 4

Des Plaines River at Rt 176 looking South today
Got some pictures for y'all!

IN - The train gods must have had it in for me today. I got stopped by a train in Mundelein for about five minutes. Another train crossed my path on Atkinson, but I slowed down enough that by the time I got to the tracks it was done. I got another very late start (4:16), but at least it wasn't any LATER than Friday. Each day last week I had gotten later and later. I have got to prepack and get up at 3:00, not 3:05 if I'm going to be changed and ready to work by 5:00. Cold again (39o but no wind) this morning and overcast, but there is a greater chance of rain this afternoon.

The Des Plaines River Bike Trail, or would be
HOME - It was still really cold coming home (42o real feel 39o) but it was a Northerly wind that I mostly didn't even notice, so the going was extra easy. I was very surprised at the number of times I was actually in my highest gears. I can usually never get out of 2x4 (Middle (2nd) front gear, 4th back gear (out of 7) but today I spent a lot of time in 3x7. I actually thought I would beat my going to work time, but I stopped to take some pictures of the Des Plaines river and to hook my hat on the back of the bike. The river is really swollen. In the second picture it shows the Des Plaines River Trail, which I could take from Atkinson down to the Northshore Trail, if, of course it weren't under three feet of water.  Oh, and I take it back about the train gods, they made it up to me on the way home.

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