Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bike Commute 2011 - Day 11

IN - When I checked this morning to see if it was good weather for riding, the moon was so bright that it lit up the tree in the backyard. I knew then that it was perfect, at least precipitation-wise. It was 41 with a wind chill of 37, a far cry from last week.

I felt like there was a drag on me the whole ride. I did manage to catch some key lights and for some reason my nose wasn't as runny as it had been. I only had to stop once to blow my nose. In the end I got to work in only 33 minutes.

It's sad though that the thing that most occupies my mind on these trips is how much my nose runs. Next time I'll stop and try to take a picture of the moon, but today I have a very big meeting I have to get ready for.

A freight about to pounce
HOME - It was a beautiful day. I think it was a bit warm for it, but I wore my work clothes home.

Abbott creek

As I was leaving the campus there was a train waiting just off the crossing. I heard it cross after I had gone over the highway and smiled to myself. I also took a picture of the creek that runs just west of Abbott. It's a cute little thing and glistened brightly in the sunshine.

Around Butterfield I saw someone walking their bike. As I passed I saw that it was a teen and nothing seemed to be wrong with his bike. I feel bad because I didn't ask him if he needed any help, but he didn't look like he needed any and having two teens at home I know how touchy they can be. I still feel bad, I mean it couldn't have hurt to ask, not really. I think my karma kitty is certainly less full today because of it. I'll be looking to refill it.
A package, for me?
When I got home guess what was waiting for me? I got another Body For Life log book. It was free since I "finished" the first one. I'm not sure I want to do that program again, but it is always nice to get something in the mail and doubly nice when it's free. And it's good for me so win-win.

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