Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your Primary Mission

My Dad used to say, "It's hard to remember that your primary mission is to drain the swamp, when you're @sshole deep in aligators."

At the advice of several of my family members, I'm going to throw my hat in the ring again this year and participate in NaNoWriMo.

I looked back on my past participation and realized that I started in 2005. I completed my novel in '05 and '06. I didn't compete in '07 and I fell short in '08 and '09. In the last five years I've participated four times. I hadn't realized, partially because in '08 I fell so miserably short and only really worked on it for about two weeks out of the month.

My '09 effort was pretty good, but I just couldn't finish. I really do like the story and made some effort to finish in December, but you know the holidays and all.

This year has been such a drain on the emotions that despite the very little amount of writing I've actually done, I think NaNo would be a welcome escape. With this in mind I intend to write something uplifting and cheerful.

I had flirted with writing a horror novel, since I seem to do pretty well with those, but as I mentioned, the year has been dark enough as it is. I do have a very good plot and set of characters developed for a horror story, but I've had them for a while and since they still tickle my imagination now, I'm sure they'll keep for a year more.

I have posted a poll. I have had fairly poor responses to polls, and it's getting a bit late in the preparatory month, but I'm going to do it anyway and see what it gets me.

Should I write a children's fantasy, I have a good start with Seekretya? Should I write an adult fantasy, my Heavy Magic work could be parleyed into that, or would a fantasy comedy be better? Should I write a children's or Young Adult mystery (not involving a murder)? If the mystery is lighthearted and comedy leaning it might be bright enough.

Anyway, I've got a lot of work to do: Katrina Nightmares, Cthulhu month, prepping for NaNo, and Guilda to frame for it, I'm swamped. So, I guess I'll be paddling along.


kg said...


Inner Prop said...

Thank you for your response. I hope to get several more votes, but so far yours is the front runner.

You seem to be very excited about it, I hope to continue your excitement.

MMc said...

I would like to see something along the lines of comedy fantasy similar to the "myth" series, I think you could do pretty good with that, I picture a character of a down-on-his-luck wizard cracking wise like Benny Youngman or maybe Rodney Dangerfield. You could use a lot of your old jokes!

Anonymous said...

Dearest older brother...as long as you use a hoovercraft in your writing, it will be a winner to me!

chl said...

I guess you already know how far behind I am about a lot in life right now, and just found you by cleaning out my mail box. So, sorry this took so long. I think you could write anything you decide to because your mind is so fertile, but I think I would like to see something that could be read to the kids, but had that double edge that adults would smile at, something like the "adult" animated movies that are popular now. Finding time and energy isn't easy, I know, but if you want it, you'll get there.

Inner Prop said...

Thanks Ma, but I already did just that. It's called Seekretya and I finished it the day before yesterday.