Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Most Likely to Destroy the World and Send All of Humanity Screaming in Madness Before Devouring Their Souls and Rending their Bodies

Bet you didn't know Cthulhu and I were roommates in college.

You probably didn't know I'm that old either.

Anyway Cthulhu was a real gas back then, or rather an ectoplasmic squirming mass of the most vile puss congealed on this or any other world in our careless, empty universe.

We did the craziest things back then.  Cthulhu kept trying to eat people and everybody seemed to just loose their minds when we went to parties.

I remember the time we were doing body shots of tequila, but maybe I shouldn't tell that story, I think the warrant is still in effect.

Anyway, Cthulhu, never ever change man.

I mean it.

Well, maybe change your hairstyle, I mean, business in the front and party in the back?  You're Cthulhu dude!
It's PARTY ALL the time!!!

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