Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 13b - Seekretya - Return of Plot Day

I was very discouraged last night. First, I am finding that I really am having a very hard time carving out time to actually write. I've tried for the last several days to go off and write for at least an hour each day, and it is very difficult. That's not good since it will take an average of two hours a day to get to the 50K required for NaNoWriMo. The other thing is, I'm really not feeling this story. There are detectives that are nagging at my muse, there are adult oriented fantasy characters, and comedy fantasy characters out there in the shadows whispering to my muse. The weather is dark and cold which makes me want to write horror. None of this is really helping me get ready to write this story of Seekretya. I was thinking of throwing in the towel last night.
Then I had well, I really wouldn't call it an epiphany, but it dawned on me and I was heartened this morning on the drive into work. I was trying to bring my mind round to thinking about Seekretya, working in it when I heard Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law." On another station I heard "What Dreams Are Made Of" by Van Hagar. Finally I heard "Holy Diver" by Dio and the screaming guitars hit me.

Glittering armies arrayed in perfect, grim order on the battle field, approaching each other in slow, heavy, deliberate steps, the sun glinting off their swords and helms.

A hero that cannot win, but cannot stop, will not stop. He will overcome all his obstacles, or he won't, but he will keep trying as long as he draws breath, but it may not be enough. He has no fighting skills, little strength, but what he does have is undying love and devotion of the ages. She is so far above him, beyond him, yet she has stooped and captured his heart, and given her own. He must rescue her even though he can't.

A humble, beautiful heroine, as lovely in heart as of face and figure; desperately in love and desperately separated. Determined and undeterable in her desire and efforts to return to the man she loves, whom she doesn't feel she deserves.

A family with a glittering, glorious secret past and hidden future that can only be reached through the darkest, most forbidding and foreboding path.

Seekretya is a bright and glorious place of green fields and colorful mountains, peopled by the most delightful and magical peoples. There are shadowy places, but shadows cannot exist without light. Silence and night are dark and ominous only because they do not divulge their secrets. Seekretya is mysterious and unfathomable, brilliant and wonderful.

Dangers don't have to be evil; they need to be unknown and impediments. They need to be tricky, sneaky and treacherous, but not unrelenting in the end. They may be unsolvable, but they need not be unworkable. Water may be far too deep to ever reach the bottom, but that doesn't mean you can't swim across the top.

It's important that he hero's inner strength be revealed (actually he knew it was there, but you will discover it, he will overcome obstacles not himself). He will not become a great fighter, he will not discover a hidden talent, he will not be the Great Nerd in the end. In the end he will be the determined, loving man that he always was, but he will have gone through hell and high water to get back to and to get back his lady.

Ok, that was all flowery and moody, which is good. I wanted to capture the mood. Now I want to lay out the plot in a more obvious outline.

1. Bad Guy get's a prophecy that a certain person can do something to release the Ley Lines from the tight-knit ball they have been wound in and lay them all across the world again, thus releasing Seekretya (relieving the population pressure and possibly allowing for world domination by evil wizards)

2. Prophecies are exceedingly rare; in fact this one is borne of the wound to the Tree of Wisdom. The Tree is actual a guard against precog because it is inherently flawed and misleading. The future is not set and any prophecy is quite possibly wrong, and almost certainly so when its subjects are aware of it. They can make changes to it. This isn't known by anyone (except maybe the Dragons).

3. BG kidnaps Girl who had just fallen in love with boy (Hero) who things she's totally out of his league

4. Boy finds out and goes after her

5. MEANWHILE BACK ON THE RANCH, Great Aunt has a bush pilot service she's retiring from and Mom wants to visit her with BRother and Sister Brother, Sister, and Dad are moving there so M can take over the business. M, B & S are going first while D ties up some loose ends

6. Secretly GA has a brother who lives in Seekretya as a Wizard, and they family has gone there many times. Possibly M is going to take over from GA, but I'm not sure yet

7. GA, M, B and S go to Seekretya to show the land to BR and S for the first time. M is a swashbuckler.

8. Somehow H figures out that G is in Seekretya, though he doesn't know Seekretya is there or the nature of the place

9. H has to skydive in because the pilot knows the area is treacherous unless you fly a certain height above it. He's never jumped before and he's deathly afraid of heights, but he does it anyway

10. G is trapped and BG tries to get her to do the thing but she escapes. Escape is not easy at all and it goes very slowly

11. H works on getting to G, falls in with Stoentrols as they are about to do battle with the Dwarfs. He's involved in the battle itself.

12. Somewhere along the line the family ends up working with H and/or with G. Maybe the family got separated and some are helping each.

13. They figure out BGs plans and want to stop him, because it could backfire and instead of releasing the Ley Lines it could cause them to collapse and swallow Seekretya like a blackhole never to exist anymore,

14. A great battle line is drawn with huge armies ready to fight on either side.

15. D finally arrives to help with the fight, he's a dead eye shot with anything and a stalwart defender.

16. It's discovered that the prophecy is false and caused by the wound to the Tree of Wisdom. As the Tree is dying there is spreading madness. G and that part of the family that are with her try to get that info out.

17. The war is stopped and the seeds are recovered to be planted so a new Tree of Wisdom can be grown and return peace and stability to Seekretya.

18. G and H are reunited, BG is thwarted.

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